We Can End Waste

Hummingbird’s Part of the Solution:

Organic waste is primarily made up of unrecyclable paper and food waste from households, supermarkets, restaurants, or food processors; agricultural and yard and garden waste from farms, homes and municipalities; and clean wood waste from construction and demolition. Although it is not often thought of, these organics, like the sun and the wind, are a renewable source of energy. North America generated about 150 million tons of organic municipal waste in 2007. This perfectly good source of renewable energy is shipped off to a landfill where it pollutes the land, air, and water.

From Harmful to Useful.

A Hummingbird Urban Biomass facility diverts organic waste not used for composting, and converts it to fuel. Because we use source separated organics only, and not mixed municipal trash, the fuel can supply clean energy in the form of heat and/or electricity.  At the end of the process all that is left is a mineral rich ash that can be beneficially returned to the earth.  Hummingbird’s process takes what is harmful to the environment and converts it into socially useful green energy and ecologically beneficial mineral ash fertilizer.