The Production Process

The production process begins with the delivery of biomass to a Green Diesel facility. Facilities can be designed to accommodate forestry Biomass or forestry and Urban BiomassTM dependent upon regional availability. The dual-line steps in both processes are the same:

1. First Line (requires approximately 85% of biomass stream):

Either forestry Biomass, or C&D waste, is first dried to an appropriate moisture content, ground down to 3mm (minus) in size and fed into a Bio Oil Pyrolizer. After cooling and removal of the bio-char, the Bio Oil enters into a distilling reformer where it will react with hydrogen gas.

1. Second Line (requires approximately 15% of biomass stream):

Either forestry biomass or Urban BiomassTM (including food, yard andgarden waste) is ground down to 6mm (minus) in size and blended for homogeneity and moisture content.

This material is then fedinto a Hydrogen Gas Pyrolizer for the production of hydrogen and, after cooling and bio-char removal, it enters into the distilling reformer to react with the Bio Oil.

During the reaction, Bio Oil is reformed, dewatered and deoxygenated (into Green Diesel) and can be dispensed from the distilling reformer. The bio char is packaged and sold as a soil enhancement.