Our Plan


We have a vision of a world in which human beings are a positive contribution to the ecosystems in which they live.  As a part of that vision,  at Hummingbird, we are committed to ending waste within a generation.


Our mission in the next five years is to develop a network of urban biomass facilities in North American urban centers which will turn five million tons of organic waste into 250MW of renewable electricity every year, and produce enough heat to offset five million barrels of oil.

Core strengths

We have two core strengths. First is the ability to overcome the myriad obstacles to the introduction of a new product.  As former development professionals, we have extensive expertise in financing, construction, sustainability technology, management, politics and the workings of bureaucracies.  Secondly, we have ten years of experience in organic waste handling, and been at the forefront of the scientific and technological advances in organics recycling.  Hummingbird is created to exploit these strengths in pursuit of our vision.

Guiding principles

We will stay small and work with big partners.  We will establish strategic partnerships with national firms like Hunt, Arrington-Watkins, Schuff Steel, Arizona State University, and Wal-Mart.  These relationships add to our credibility.  Multiple projects with the same partners will decrease costs and increase innovation, at the same time, partners will generate new opportunities to expand our markets.

We will stay small and work with local development managers.  Our strength in development management allows us to team up with local developers to expand into new territories with minimum cost.  Local developers bring local knowledge and local contacts from which we benefit.

We will remain technologically agnostic and research oriented, investigating, innovating, and adapting industry best technology, our own or others, to the particular needs of ending waste.

We will form alliances with NGO’s whose missions are aligned with Hummingbird’s.  We will work with these NGO’s to educate the public about the solutions to the problems of waste.

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