How Are We Different?

Our Process Creates Zero Waste

Hummingbird is dedicated to the End of Waste within a generation.  Unlike other solutions to waste management, we don’t just reduce waste, we eliminate it.  Hummingbird’s solution to the waste problem produces Zero Waste.

The By-Product of Our Process is Organic Fertilizer

Hummingbird is able to utilize every portion of the organics that are diverted from landfills.  The ash that remains after pyrolysis is processed into a natural fertilizer that contains the original mineral nutrients from the organic feedstock.  This ash contributes beneficial calcium, phosphorus, and trace minerals back into the earth.

We Encourage Public Participation

To have a real impact, people need to participate. And to achieve this participation, cities and communities need to offer their residents a simple and open way to be part of the solution.  Participation in the blue box recycling program has profoundly changed people’s behavior and how they perceive what they purchase.   We need to encourage people to participate in reducing waste even further, in this case, by diverting organic waste from landfills.  Participation in the process helps people shift the way they perceive the problem and gives them a tangible way to be a part of the solution.

We Have Government Support

The demand and requirement for renewable green power continues to grow, as does the opposition to landfills.  Because of public support there are significant national, state, and even local financial incentives for renewable energy generation currently available.  As well public support tends to assist in regulatory approval.

Our Facilities Can be Conveniently Located Next to Urban Centers

Because an urban biomass facility occupies as little as two acres of land, a facility can be conveniently located near a city center, where the greatest source of organic waste is found, substantially decreasing hauling costs.  Heat and electricity are supplied to nearby industrial, commercial and residential users, thus reducing transmission costs and using the grid efficiently.  Because a Hummingbird Urban Biomass facility produces no toxic substances, nor noxious odours or sounds, it fits well into any industrial zone, and can be a catalyst for Eco-Industrial parks.

Our Fuel Supply is Virtually Unlimited

As more resources flow to urban centres across the world, more organic material is disposed of in urban areas then in rural areas.  Hummingbird’s fuel supply is growing dramatically and the cost of the most common alternative disposal, landfill, is increasing rapidly.

We provide a Consistent Low Cost Supply of Renewable Energy

Unlike wind and solar, biomass has the benefit of supplying reliable 24/7 power, and competing directly with fossil fuel energy generation.  Biomass, together with geothermal, are the lowest cost forms of renewable energy.

We are Carbon Neutral Plus

Simply put, carbon neutral means you don’t impact the amount of Carbon Dioxide (CO2E) in the atmosphere.  The use of biomass is often misunderstood by people realizing that there is CO2 produced in the gasification process, and this CO2 is discharged into the atmosphere.  However, biomass is a carbon neutral energy source because, if not used for energy, the biomass would naturally decompose and give off the same amount of CO2 , albeit over a longer period of time.  More likely, the biomass would end up in landfills where it gives off methane which is over 20 times more deleterious to the atmosphere then CO2.  For that reason, Hummingbird generally receives over two tons of CO2E credits for every ton of organic waste converted into energy, which is why we call it carbon neutral plus.

We are Technologically Agnostic

We are committed to the end of waste within a generation.  We are not committed to any particular technology, even our own.  We are constantly researching to find the best strategic partners and the best technologies which we can adapt and improve.  We work with others in our commitment to end waste and sponsor  The End of Waste as an information sharing center to grow the conversation “to end waste within a generation”.

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